1. Antilia

Estimated cost: Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 12,000 crores

Anitilia area: 1,120 acre

Address: Altamount Road, Cumbella Hill, Mumbai - 400 026

Designed by: the architect based in Chicago Will and Perkins

Property of Mukesh Ambani, owner of Reliance Industries, Antilia is not only the most expensive house in India, but at the top of the list of the most expensive houses in the world. Located in one of the most expensive roads in Mumbai, the Altamount road, Antilia is a 568-foot skyscraper with 27 floors. Designed by the famous architect based in Chicago Will and Perkins, he has 9 high -speed elevators, 3 Helipades, a glacier, a cinema of 80 seats, a living room, a gym, etc. -Do the huge swimming pool which is beautifully in the house is enormous enough for Ambanis to organize a party at the swimming pool.

Designed intelligently, this large building can survive an earthquake of up to 8 amplitudes on a Richter scale. The skyscraper is beautifully designed using marble, crystals and mother of pearl. However, there are not two stages of the manor use the same plan or the same material. The Mukesh Ambani manor, Antia, is supported by around 600 staff members. The sumptuous palace would have cost between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 12,000 crores.


2. JK House

Estimated Cost: RS. 6,000 Crores

JK House height: 145 meters

Address: Altamount Road, Mumbai


JK House owned by Chairman Raymond Group - Gautam Singhania is the second most private building in India and is located on the same road as Atilia. Worth around the hospital. 6,000 Crores, JK House is a 30 -storey property that features a modern residential space, two swimming pools, five parking lots ordered to park the most expensive cars in the world.

There are also special helipads dedicated to their helicopters, spa, gym, recreation and more. The upper floor of the house is divided into separate housing units so that each family member can enjoy its privacy and can get a soothing view of the garden and a large terrace. Singhania Gautam's house is located in South Mumbai and enjoyed a very good location.


3. Mannat

Estimated cost: Rs. 200 Broats

Manat area: 27,000+ square feet

Address: Music Kiosk, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra

Designed by: Gauri Khan and Kaif Faquih

The house of the King of Bollywood Khan, "Manat", does not need an introduction. The house of Shah Rukh Khan "Manat" overlooks the Arabian Sea that the modern bungalow is located in the music kiosk in Bandra, Mumbai. Composed of several rooms, a library, gymnasium, a personal auditorium and many other facilities, the sumptuous bungalow is estimated at Rs. 200 Broods. The 6 -storey building is a tourist place because thousands of tourists meet daily outside the bungalow to click on selfies and to have an overview of the superstar.

The 6 -storey manor is well connected through elevators. Mannat offers two salons that are improved with paintings by M.F Hussain and numerous artistic arts and antiques. The whole house is specially dedicated to entertainment and consists of a private bar and entertainment centers and a children's games room. This 6 -storey neoclassical building has long risen to the list of most expensive houses in India.


4. Residence

Estimated cost: Rs. 5,000 crores

Residence area: 16,000 square feet

Address: Kokilaya Dhurabani Hospital, Nargis Dutt RD, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Distributed over a large area of ​​16,000 square feet, the house is a 70 -meter -high garlic house and consists of a heliport. Located in Pali Hill, Mumbai, remains a 17 -storey building and housed Mukesh Ambani and his family before moving to Antilia.

The entrance to the large house was beautifully designed using glass windows allowing natural light to fall on white interiors. The large property includes a gym, a spa, a swimming pool and all other seven -star hotel equipment. Having an assessment of approximately Rs. 5,000 crores, the "home" of Anil Ambani deserves to be on the list of most expensive houses in India.

Screenshot (108)


Estimated cost: Rs. 120 Broans

Jala area: 10,123 square feet

Address: Juhu, Mumbai


Big B of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan has a beautiful house "Jalsa" (which means celebration) in Juhu, Mumbai. Initially, the house was named "Mansa" (which means an emperor), but it was then changed in "jala" on the recommendation of an astrologer.

The two -story house has spread over a sprawling area of ​​10,123 square feet and was offered to Amitabh Bachchan by the famous director Ramesh Sippy after AMITABH BACHCHAN finished filming the famous film "Satte Pe Satta" with him . In addition, many emblematic films by Amitabh Bachchan like "Chupke Chupke" and "Anand" were shot inside Jala.

The house of the legendary actor "Jalsa" should be estimated at around 120 leaders. Known to be a temple for many budding actors, Jalsa witnesses thousands of tourists who visit the house around the world to have an overview of the actor with persistent leaves. Jalla is designed with a beautiful garden, a porch, soft carpets, huge chandeliers, royal paintings and much more.


6. House Jatia

Estimated cost: Rs. 425 Broans

Jatia area: 30,000 square feet

Address: Little Gibbs RD, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006

Located in Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Jatia House belongs to km Birla, president of Aditya Birla Group. Equipped with lush green gardens, courtyards, a small pond and 20 bedrooms, the mansion oriented at sea is enormous enough to accommodate around 500 to 700 people at a time. Extended over 30,000 square feet, the assessment of the house of Jatia is approximately Rs. 425 crores and the bungalow seems less than the house we are witnessing in the films of Bollywood.

The interiors of the house have massive corridors, airy rooms and auditoriums made up of the best quality marble. The manor also consists of a large garden which has a central courtyard and a beautiful pond.


7. Ratan tata's withdrawal home

Estimated cost: Rs. 150 Broans

Ratan Tata retirement home area: 13,350 square feet

Address: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Overlooking the Sea of ​​the Oman Sea, the retirement home of the Industrial Ratan Tata located in Colaba, Mumbai offers a fascinating view. The 7 -storey manor is spread over 13,350 square feet. And presents a media room, an internal gym, a magnificent solar terrace to accommodate around 50 people and a huge parking space. Ratan Tata's all white bungalow is estimated at Rs. 150 crores.

The beautiful house belonging to Ratan Tata consists of a basement which can accommodate more than 10 to 12 cars simultaneously. In addition, the top floor of the manor includes a solar bridge where a small gathering of around 50 people can easily take place. While the first floor of the retirement home consists of a media room and a gym, the second floor has a solar bridge, an infinity pool, a barbecue area and a bar.


8. Jindal's house

Estimated Cost: RS. 150 Crores

Jindal House area: 3 hectares

Address: Bungalow Zone Lutyens Delhi

Jindal House is an architectural miracle located at the greenest part of the capital-Delhi. Owned by famous politicians Naveen Jindal, the house is scattered in 3 hectares and is located in the lush Bungalow Lutyens zone in Delhi which is one of the most expensive areas in the Capital City. The value of the house around the hospital. 120 to 150 Crores make it in the list of the most expensive houses in India.


9. Ruia House

Estimated Cost: RS. 120 Crores

Ruia House Area: 2.24 hectares

Address: Tees January Marg, New Delhi

Owned by Ruia Brothers - Ravi Ruia and Shashi Ruia, the owner of the Essar Group, Ruia House is a big house spread over 2,24 hectares. Located in Delhi's heart in Tees January Marg, this house is worth around the hospital. 120 Crores.



10. Sky House

Estimated Cost: RS. 100 Crores

Sky House Area: 40,000 SQ.FT.

Address: UB City, Bengaluru

Indian liquor tycoon and Breweries United Group Chair Vijay Mallya has a 'White House in the sky'. Located in Bengaluru, Penthouse is worth the hospital. 100 Crores and located in a 35 -storey skyscraper. Spread more than 40,000 sq.ft., Sky House has an unlimited swimming pool and provides a 360 degree display platform.


The list above seems fantasy, right? Have you ever had the opportunity to see one of these most expensive homes in India - even from outside? Tell us in the comments below.

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The Most Expensive Area in India

If you are inspired by this luxurious celebrity lifestyle and want to have a luxury home in an expensive area, here is a list of the most expensive areas in India. Explore a list to buy your own home and live like celebrities.

1. Bukit Malabar, Mumbai: Home for various celebrities such as Juhi Chawla and Akshaye Khanna, Bukit Malabar is one of the most expensive housing areas in Mumbai. The hill gives you views of Nariman Point, Marine Drive, and Chowpatty. Property costs in this area range from the hospital. 300 crores and above.

2. Tardo, South Mumbai: Upper Class Housing Area, Tardo in South Mumbai must be for elite life. The average level of property sold here is RS. 56,200 per sq.ft.

3. COREGAGON PARK, PUNE: Known as one of the upper class locations, the Park Coregaon in Pune has several high -class bungalows, residential apartments, expensive retail shops, restaurants, etc.

4. Banjara Bukit, Hyderabad: Bukit Banjara in Hyderabad is calculated among the most expensive housing and Indian commercial property. Premium property prices in Bukit Banjara rose to the hospital. 75 Crores and rent can go up to the hospital. 4.5 lakh per month.

5. Prithviraj Road: Home for many famous celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor and her husband, L.K Advani, Renuka Talwar (daughter of DLF KP Singh), Prithviraj Road in Delhi is one of the most expensive regions in Delhi. Prithviraj Road is part of the Bungalow Lutyens zone and is located in Delhi's heart.

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