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King Khan from Bollywood, Shah Ruk Khan is one of the most valuable stars in the Hindi film industry. With many people who visit the Mannat gate every day, Shahrukh Khan's house in Bandra is a famous landfill in the city of Mumbai. Bollywood fans from all over the world stopped near his residence to glance at the Mega Superstar or just to take pictures outside of his residence.


Often referred to as Baadshaah Bollywood, Shah Ruk Khan is a formidable actor and producer. He began his career with the main role in Fauji's famous television series in 1989 and then starred in his first film, Deewana in 1992 - the rest is history! Right from his appearance that should be noted at the beginning of his career in films such as Darr, Karan Arjun, and Baazigar to Hit Blockbuster that crossed 100 Crores such as Chennai Express, Jab No Hai Jaan, Happy New Year, and more, Shahrukh Khan has won the heart of time And again and again. The Bollywood section is indispensable, he has ruled the silver screen for more than three decades.


Shahrukh's khan house 

A beautiful and six-story villa with a combination of vintage and contemporary designs, Shahrukh Khan's home address is a luxury and sea property that is built to impress. From architectural design to luxury interiors, everything about this house shouted suitable for a king. Thanks to the main location in Bandstand, its amazing interior, and the art of statement and luxury design,


Shahrukh's house price

Shahrukh Khan Mannat's house price is estimated at around 200 crores.

Shahrukh's khan house address 

Mannat, Land's End, Bandstand, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400050.



Shahrukh Khan Mannat Nameplate


Everything about Shahrukh Khan's house is glamorous and bling, including the signboard. This beautiful nameplate is designed by Gauri Khan, who is also the main interior designer of Mannat. Can you guess how much is the estimated cost of this signboard? Well, it is said to have a cost of around Rs 25 Lakh. And what makes Mannat's nameplate so expensive? The signboard has a diamond-studded above it, that's what makes it very expensive. However, it is Shahrukh Khan's house signboard.

You can see Mannat's nameplate photos in the image here. This is simple but elegant and has a minimalist appearance. Just like the interior of the tone house is neutral.


But, not only did his actions make him win hearts all over the world. Shahrukh Khan is also known to be impressed with an easy charm and he is a great husband for Gauri Khan and a father who loves him for Arya, Suhana, and Abram only add charisma. When not shooting for films and advertisements, Shahrukh Khan likes to spend time with his family in their beautiful home in Bandra, Mumbai


Shahrukh Khan Mannat House - Tour in


Built on an area of ​​27,000+ square feet, this luxury house has six floors. And, scattered on these floors are five bedrooms, states from an art gym, an amazing swimming pool, a luxury library, a Shahrukh office, an extraordinary terrace, and private cinema. Every part of the house is well designed and has a personal touch given by Gauri Khan. But, before we take a small peak from the inside, this is a little about the entrance of Shahrukh Khan's house.


As you can see from the picture above, the entrance of the house has a neo-classical appearance that is done in white. Originating back in the 1920s this mansion has a large white pillar, classical French window, and amazing designer lights that add elegance and magnificent space.

While the outside is all done in white, the interior of the house has a common theme such as beige, cream, and chocolate leads in Shahrukh Khan's house. Wooden floors and beige walls lead and add color palette are wasteful and amazing pieces of furniture and amazing.

The living room at Shahrukh Khan's house


Luxury carpets and designer furniture are paired with amazing paintings and artwork from all over the world and are part of the living room in Mannat. The wooden ladder leads to the bedroom upstairs and you can see why this house takes almost a decade to be designed and completed according to the taste of the King Khan family.

With the stunning walls and art of King Khan's own art, the place was classy, ​​amazing, and forced the same.


The upper floor at Shahrukh Khan's house



All different parts of the house are designed to remember the taste and class. And, a comfortable seat near the fireplace is no different. As seen in the GIF above, the space has an amazing carpet and designer accent chair in a flower mold that is placed in front of the black-painted fireplace. The lights in the sky -LED sky add warmth to the large mirror space and the walls behind the fireplace only add to the grandiose of the area.

As described in the picture above, just like other parts of the house, the bedroom also defines luxury again. Marble floors and striking chandeliers, luxurious carpets and curtains, and large beds all add to the greatness of the space. Don't miss it is a magnificent fur blanket!

Children's bedrooms are also very embedded. Contemporary paintings cover the walls and beds of a large poster with a black headboard as part of the space.


Walking in the cupboard inside Shahrukh Khan's house

The style icon for many Bothe Shahrukh and Gauri has a Walk-in Closet at home. Shown in the picture above is Gauri's room. Glass arms are home to designer shoes, and amazing vintage-style dressing tables with artistic mirrors stealing attention.


Office area and study at Shahrukh Khan's house

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan both are established business owners and have their offices in Mannat.

As you can see from the video above, this small space functions as an office for Mega Superstar which is beaten with a recording room. The amazing modern artwork decorates the walls that work with racks -glass, dark wooden cabinets, and minimalist tables. The rack has several pictures of the Statue Caricature Family -Patung King Khan himself.



Extension to this neat office is a great award or lounge at home. As described in the video above, the main theme of the room is wooden brown. Right from the dark wooden wall to the luxurious leather sofa, to the magnificent carpet on the floor - everything about this space is very beautiful. And, not to forget on the shelves -Rak is various awards won by Shahrukh Khan for his brilliant performances for years.

Staying in line with the theme of the SRK office, the Gauri office also has a wooden -panel wall. As you can see from the picture above, the walls are decorated with titles, certificates, design elements, and racks -the crash on the right has many books.


Terrace at Shahrukh Khan's house


In one of his interviews, Gauri Khan happened to mention that the terrace was his favorite part of the home. Not only facing the extraordinary sea but also well designed with a slick taste.


Furniture statements added disappointment to extraordinary space and carpets with complicated designs stealing attention. One night here, which faces the sea, is surrounded by large palms and other house plants.


Delhi Shahrukh Khan's house tour


When Shahrukh and Gauri grew up in Delhi, the capital had a special place in their hearts. They have a luxury but elegant house on the South Delhi elite and have now installed their homes on the Airbnb site. This place has a variety of pictures and family meetings such as Aryan's first badminton racket, Suhana's first make-up kit, and a ton of family photos for years. Catch a glimpse of the house in a beautiful video below.

Other houses owned by Shahrukh Khan

Add a list of houses owned by King Khan a luxury villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Khan has named this property Jannat and it should be so mansion is everything that is amazing and heavenly. Built more than 8500 square feet on the K Palm Jumeirah ship, the largest artificial archipelago in the world - this house has a private swimming pool and access to various water activities such as fishing in the deep sea. Known for the price of around 18 Crores.

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