Dwarka is a beautiful place. Almost all types of facilities are available in Dwarka. Whether it is transportation, medical facilities, restaurants, or anything, all facilities are available in Dwarka. But the most striking dwarkka feature is its connectivity through Highway Express. This Express highway connects Dwarka to Delhi, and this highway is connected to Gurgaon and Indira Gandhi's International Airport (IGI Airport). Some properties in Dwarka Delhi are sold that you can see using the Indian Real Estate company website.



So, from the perspective of connectivity that has property in Dwarka is really commensurate. In Delhi, it is impossible to manage property unless you are ready to pay a healthy amount of money to the property lender. And, if you want to buy a property then you really don't have a better choice than looking at the property on the outskirts of Delhi. Do not limit yourself to Delhi only see property in Delhi NCR.



NCR is an area developed and you will get all kinds of facilities in this region. So, just think that if you don't go home in Delhi then at least you get a house on the edge. And, before all the flat, plots and apartments in this region are not sold, find a place for yourself too. The property level in Dwarka is not as high as in Delhi, so you can think of having a flat in Dwarka.



Commercial buildings, apartments, plots, and flat for sale in Dwarka. Before everything is sold, it will be better for you if you find a place for yourself in Dwarsa. This is a beautiful place, because every sector has its own market. Dwarsa has a very famous institution such as Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT).



To buy property in Dwarka, all you need to do is track a reliable property dealer. The best part of buying property through a property dealer is that you can negotiate prices. You can tell him in the range of what you need flat. In general, property dealers provide various options to their customers. So, if you like the offer then you can think of buying it and if you don't like the offer then find another. But surely you will definitely go home in Dwarka.


According to the Koppen-Geiger classification, Dwarsa contains a low climate/ latitudinal zone and hot climate. Holdridge Life Zones Climatology Classification System identifies Dwarka or close to the Climate Zone Duri Community. The average annual rainfall is 403 millimeters that are scattered during the 16 -day rain period with limited rainfall in a few June and September, the average maximum temperature is 30 degrees with the highest record of 42.7 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature of the average 23 , 6 degrees Celsius with a at least 6.1 degrees Celsius, the average annual humidity is 72% with a maximum of 80%.



Famous Landmark in Dwarka Temple:


Considered heaven, Dwarka is recognized for his temple and as a journey center for Hindus. Dwarkadhisa Temple which is also known as the Jagat Mandir located in the heart of Dwarka is the Vaishnava Temple. It was built by King Jagat Singh Rathore, therefore called Jagat Mandir. The temple, facing west, is at an altitude of 12.19 meters above the average sea level.



Light house and lake

There is a lighthouse in Dwarka Point on the Dwarka Peninsula, which gives a beautiful city view. This is a fixed light located 70 feet above sea level, and light is seen at a distance of 10 miles. The city of the tower is 40 feet and 117 meters away from the high level of water in the sea. The flare ratio provided at the lighthouse tower is powered by the Surya Photovoltaic Module. A similar lake known as Gopi Chandan which means the sandals from Gopa are located in Bet Dwarka; This mud is found in the lake bed. This fragrant mud is applied as a symbol of sanctification by Hindus who are devouting on their foreheads.



Dwarka betting:

Thinking about the residence of Intial Krishna, Bet Dwarka was the previous port of Krishna's traditional time before the Okha Port was developed in Dwarka. This temple was made caused by non -secular teacher Vallabhacharya from "Pushtimarg Sampradaya".

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