Delhi's property market has become famous for premium offers and upper class luxury. Because large -scale private development is still very limited in the national capital, there are very few regions in Delhi, where you can buy property without burning holes in your pocket. The affordable area in Delhi is located on the periphery, where the connectivity is feasible but infrastructure is still developing. Look at the top 10 affordable areas in Delhi, where you can find your dream home according to your budget.


1. Uttam Nagar

Average property rates at Uttam Nagar: RS 4,612 per square foot

Uttam Nagar is one of the regions in West Delhi that has become famous for this new, due to the large supply of affordable property options. Most of the housing units available at Uttam Nagar are in an independent building, which has basic facilities. Metro connectivity is the main determinant here, because it connects the area to several important hubs from the national capital, including Noida, Connaught Place, Dwarka and South Delhi. There are a number of schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes in the vicinity, which make it one of the areas of choice for the family.

There are a number of illegal construction in the area and the house buyer must conduct a complete test of the property, before signing at the Decisions.


2. Govindpuri

The average property rate at Govindpuri: Rs 4,414 per square foot

Located in Delhi Southeast, Govindpuri is one area where the price of property remains stable for a long time. This area has metro connectivity, which makes it one of the favorite real estate markets for property buyers. There are a number of independent housing options, as well as building floors, which are in accordance with the budget of all parts of the buyer. Infrastructure is still under development because the area is classified under the villages of the city in the national capital. The neighboring area of ​​Govindpuri is several luxury areas in Delhi

  3. Nawada

The average property rates in Nawada: RS 4,789 per sq ft

Nawada is another area in West Delhi which has become famous for a number of affordable building floor options in the area. Because of its proximity to Dwarsa, Nawada is a pocket -friendly choice for those who want to stay close to the metro line and have all the facilities available nearby. The infrastructure here develops well. However, after being classified as an urban village, internal roads are still narrow and crowded during rush hour. There are a number of restaurants and shopping complexes in this environment, which make it a good location for the family.


4. Khanpur

Average property rates in Khanpur: RS 3,982 per square foot

Located on Jalan Mehrauli-Badarpur, surrounded by all luxury regions in Delhi including sake and scientific agriculture. This area is densely populated and does not have open space. The property options available in Khanpur include independent houses and builders. This area is popular among students and working populations, due to the availability of affordable rental houses in the area. Because the area shares a number of facilities with the nearest colony, all basic requirements such as the presence of shopping complexes, schools, hospitals, etc., are easily met here. 

5. Ashok Nagar Baru

Average property rates in Ashok Nagar Baru: RS 4,361 per square foot

New Ashok Nagar is a popular area for those who want to live in Delhi but want to enjoy his closeness to Noida. Maintained Between Vihar and Noida, New Ashok Nagar has several excellent housing communities, who have the best facilities in the complex. Another part of New Ashok Nagar has an independent housing choice but has a narrow path, a dense road and infrastructure in battered conditions. Contaited by unauthorized construction, home buyers must conduct comprehensive research and complete test before buying a house here.


6. Bharat Vihar

The average property rate at Bharat Vihar: Rs 4,405 per SQ FT

This is one of the areas that is less well known near Dwarka, known for offering affordable property options. There are new traits in this area, because they currently have rural infrastructure. Bharat Vihar is located next to the Dwarka Sector 14 and has a metro connectivity that can push prices in the near future. A number of building floor options are available within the range of affordable 50-60 Lakh Hospital, which can be a good purchase, depending on the exact location and distance from the Dwarka Sector Metro Station 14.


7. Madhu Vihar

The average property rates in Madhu Vihar: Rs 4,678 per square foot

Madhu Vihar is also located near Dwarka and has a semi-backward infrastructure because most of the property options available here are old independent houses, which give way to the independent floor and building floor with basic facilities. Madhu Vihar is a little far from the closest blue line metro station from Dwarka Sector 11. There is another metro station Dashrathpuri in the Magenta path in its closeness. A number of facilities are available in this environment, including good schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, etc., which make it the preferred area for the middle segment family.


8. Sector 24, Dwarka

Average property rates in Sector 24, Dwarsa: RS 4,382 per sq ft

This is one of the distant regions in the Dwarka region bordering Drain Najafgarh. This area is located near one of the corridors of Dwarka Expressway high potential development, which connects the region with gurgaon. A number of communities that are maintained will appear in the near future at the Dwarka Sector 24, due to the availability of land fields. At present, the building floor is the only choice here.


9. Kondli

Average property rates in Kondli: RS 4,827 per sq ft

Kondli is another area in East Delhi close to Vihar III, which gets an attraction, due to its strategic location. It is located close to Noida, and Delhi and enjoy the closeness to the Metro Station. Because there are plans to build corridors that are elevated from Kondli to Noida Expressway, the location received attention from many investors. The nearest infrastructure also develops quickly and has all facilities in the environment, including schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes.


10. Ghitorni

The average property rates at Ghitorni: RS 4,795 per square foot

Located in the southwest of Delhi and bordering Gurgaon, Ghitorni is a semi-development area bordering the luxury regions of Kunj, Mehrauli and Arjan Garh. This area has its own metro station at the Delhi Metro Yellow Line that connects the area to Gurgaon, as well as Connaught Place. Ghitorni is one of the solid environments and only has a choice of builders. This area is popular among professionals who work at Gurgaon but want to choose an affordable housing option in Delhi.

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