Salman Khan is one of the biggest stars we mentioned we have ever produced. There are no two ways about fans to follow what he has, he is not a famous star in the Indian film industry but is also famous in the international phase of the world, it does not need to be said that the fame he brought is global and is one of the mega-stars in Bollywood, but is separated Of all this he is considered a man with a golden heart as apart from this super mega star Salman Khan is also considered a generous. I am sure you are all very aware of the brand of human beings supported by each of them & everyone in this industry. 

In many interviews, you must hear it mention the fact that the family is his priority and is very important for him. Fame and type of aura that he brought can be misunderstood by many people, but the real fact is that even with all his fame & wealth it is a period that is always based on his roots, which is reflected by the way of life. 

In fact, all the fame and aura of this person believe in living the simplest life. The house owned by Salman Khan will definitely surprise you at first because the house is not what you expect which means not broad & luxurious that you usually see for other stars in the Bollywood industry, it is not even duplex or triplex apartments. This star has lived with his family for more than 2 decades in the same galaxy apartment in the very luxurious bandstand area in Bandra West, which also makes this building one of the main points for people to visit Mumbai for the last few years. 

The crowd collected every day and especially at events such as Eid al -Fitr or even on Salman Khan's birthday is very beautiful to watch. He just stands out and waves to his fans is just a spectacular view to watch which is also a moment that is considered a moment of Bollywood fans. The star believes he lives with his parents in the apartment instead of choosing a luxury & spacious apartment, because since childhood it has become his place and he has been accustomed to taking the same and left rights every day. He said he had too many memories to be appreciated in this house like other children who he also used to play with other children from the building, do jokes and sit and eat with his friends in his own place and where his friends. 


Galaxy Apartment Bandra- Salman Khan House 


The name Salman Khan House is the Galaxy Apartment located in Bandra in Mumbai. The building consists of a different apartment where on the ground floor of Salman Khan and the first floor of the building where parents live. But as thick as the actuality of the apartment is just the opposite. Even after becoming one of the most luxurious areas in the city of Salman Khan is actually just a 1BHK apartment. 

Salman Khan remained alone on the ground floor and therefore, he found enough space for himself. The star was not ready to leave the place because the apartment has many memories for him to respect. The building came out into one of the main places for people to visit while in Mumbai just to see stars. 

The apartment where Salman Khan as mentioned earlier is a 1bhk apartment, the interior of Salman Khan's house is made in a pattern where L dining room shaped with an open kitchen that has been protected with a four-foot glass wall, separated from here the star has a bedroom of 170-190 square feet together with the bathroom. 

Galaxy Apartment is a place where the actor grows together with his brother Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan & Arpita Agnihotri, who is an adoption child and stepbrother Salman Khan who initially lived with his stepmother Helen Richardson Khan in other properties at The South Mumbai. This is a 8 -storey building that is very famous for the aura of Khan's family. This apartment is close to Mannat (Bungalow Shah Rukh Khan). His parents Salim and Salma Khan live right above his apartment. The house is said to be an open place where Khan is famous for offering food together with drinks to anyone who tends to enter the house at any time. 


Salman Khan's house price and address 



The cost of Galaxy House Apartment Salman Khan has a defeat price of the Inr100 Crores. The price of the apartment is placed perfectly because the house tends to be one of the Mumbai hotspots and a place for people to visit. 

Salman Khan's house address is as follows: 

Address: 3, Galaxy Apartment, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai-400050. 

Salman Khan's new house 


Salman Khan Baru -Newly shows his interest in the real estate market and for the same reason the new actor is buying an apartment at the 'Sagar Resham Project'. This new house lives near Mannat Bungalow Shah Rukh Khan near Bandra Bandstand. This house is a new house that has been invested by Salman Khan, the address for the same thing has not yet come out until now. 

We all must be aware of his old home where he lives with his parents and the cost of the apartment in Crores considering the fact that this house is clearly no less than that the new house must be expensive and will be charged the same or even again. 

Next, in line is a large -scale Triplex accommodation or apartment, this purchase is made under a new luxury apartment in Bandstand. 


Salman Khan Agriculture House 



From the last few years, this has become a sustainable trend for investors to owe their own land in agricultural areas and turn them into homes for vacation together with green plants and landscapes around. We have lived in cities that are basically always in a place where someone can live when he wants to escape from his daily work routine. For the same reason, you will see many actors living in these agricultural homes to keep themselves separated from the normal crowd and to get space for them to relax and when talking about exotic places like that how Salman Khan can become not remembered. 

His agricultural house lives in Panvel where you must have seen many actors posing and relaxing during the pandemic on each social media grip. The name of the agricultural house is stored after his sister who loves Arpita because it is the house of agriculture to become 'Arpita Agriculture'. The 150 hectare area has been covered by an agricultural house which also includes a large number. animals for love for animals. This agricultural house is also used by him for several occasions that include celebrations of various festivals, parties. 

This agricultural house is famous for the following aspects: 


Other properties of Salman Khan 


Apart from the houses owned by Salman Khan, the family has made various investments in the real estate industry for the past few years. According to the latest report Salman Khan has made a purchase for an apartment in Sagar Resham located in Bandra Bandstand which is also close to the very famous Mannat House. He has also invested money into a large -scale Triplex property which is once again located in Bandra Bandstand. The structure of the apartment starts from the 11th floor. 

Besides this he also involved himself in investments that included apartments in: 

• Carter Road 

• Sterling Seaface Property in Worli 

• Apartments based in Burj Pacific Dubai 

The previous report was mentioned that the family should now want to move from their own apartment to a larger space now, also stating that Salman Khan Salim & Salma Khan's parents have also bought a new home for around Inr 14.4 Crore in 2011 it includes Belle Vue & Belle Mar Cottage, which arises from Charlotte Mary Pereira. 

The report also states that the family has issued a layout that compiles aspects of the architecture of the house made in the G+5 structure, where the ground floor will be dedicated to the family room, the lobby of the entrance, along with the pantry including, the top apartment above the top apartment will become an apartment two bhk. There will also be 2 basement rooms together with parking lots that can combine 15 vehicles with open terraces that will be distinguished from striking domes in the middle. 

After Salman Khan's most famous house in Mumbai, the next house that came in the list was probably a large agricultural house located in Panvel which included 150acres land. During the period of social media locking doused with his photos, videos that include property, pampering themselves by riding horses, feeding horses, along with riding ATVs, it also includes a luxury swimming pool, gymnasium where the whole family gather to celebrate the festival with all Another special event, the cost of this agricultural house is in a place in 80crore in accordance with the estimation. 

He also invested a large amount of money in a large 100 hectare property located in Gorai. This property is located on the coast with a 5BHK agricultural house which includes equipped 

•     Gymnasium 


      Swimming pool 

•     Zone for motorbike trail 

The cost of this property is estimated to be a large price of 100crore INR. 

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