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Having property has many facilities. You can stay at home, rent it or sell it when you see a profitable agreement. If you plan to sell property, you must first look at the real estate market. 

It is recommended to set your price slightly higher than market rates. When someone is a property owner, they basically have a property title. If you want to transfer property, it basically means giving property titles to others. That doesn't always mean selling property. It can be a gift, a mortgage, or rent.

Now, who qualifies to transfer property? The answer is simple. Anyone who is old enough to have a National Identity Card (CNIC) - 18 years and over. There are also different laws to buy and sell property in Pakistan. We will now discuss in detail the concepts of Token Money and Bayana.



So, what is Token Money? Token is a small amount of money that must be paid by the buyer as an indication of a serious intention to buy property. Token Money is paid for a joint agreement between the buyer and the seller about the selling price. In most cases, the agreement was facilitated by the agent, which has the details of the verified contact from the seller.

If you deal with agents registered in their respective communities where property is located, the details of the agreement are written on the agent's letterhead. This includes information about token money, buyer's name, plot number, name, size and price of property, and time frame where buyers must make the remaining payments. Now, the next question you might ask is whether Token Money can be returned or not?


Conditional token

The token is given and received with conditions and conditions is a conditional token. When buyers decide to get a certain property, they offer a small amount ranging from PKR 25,000 to PKR 100,000. If, for some reason, the agreement failed, there was no penalty and the same amount was returned to the buyer.

After paying a conditional number, the buyer can then verify property ownership from the residential community to ensure that the seller is the real owner. For this step, the seller gives permission in writing, which allows the authority to share the details of ownership and legal status with the buyer, whose name and CNIC number are also mentioned in the application. Cnic copy of the plot owner is attached to the application.


Confirmed token

Documented token money, where these terms and conditions are determined between buyers, sellers and agents (if there are agents who mediate), called confirmed tokens. This agreement includes provisions such as the time frame where Bayana needs to be paid, the selling price of property and penalties if one of the parties backs up. If the buyer fails to meet the deadline for Bayana, he loses his token money; If the seller resigns from the agreement, he is legally bound to pay double the amount of token money to the buyer.

If the buyer is in a position to buy the property in one or two weeks, the confirmed token also acts as Bayana. The confirmed token is usually a higher amount than a conditional token and less than Bayana. So, after the number of tokens is paid, Bayana is the next step. Just like token money, that's all that is officially written and signed.



Bayana is a formal agreement written on stamp paper with related conditions set by the buyer and seller. Usually paid one week after the money token. Requirements include the time frame for property transfer and payment of the remaining amount, which is often between 10 to 30 days but can be more.

Ideally, the number of Bayana should be a quarter of the total price. The longer the time frame to clean the remaining amount, the higher the Bayana. During this time, the seller applies to No Demand Certificate (NDC). This certificate is given by each housing authority in front of both parties. Property is transferred immediately and the seller receives a bank draft.

If the agreement fell after Bayana due to several problems at the end of the seller, they were legally bound to pay double the number of Bayana as a penalty. If the buyer retreats, they lose the number of Bayana.

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